Welcome to Helen Dennis & Associates. 

Our values....

1.  Older adults should have opportunities for a life of security, fulfillment and  value

2.  Employers should have the opportunity to benefit from a competent, mature workforce.

3.  Mid-life and older adults are entering an encore period with opportunities to create an exceptional life and a better world. 

We provide services that address all three values:  

Conduct retirement education on the non-financial aspects of retirement for corporations, mid-size and small businesses, nonprofits and universities. 

Develop policies and practices for employers that engage older employees as valuable contributors, prepare them for retirement and prevent age discrimination.

Provide keynote addresses, lectures, workshops and seminars
that introduce trends and implications regarding the new retirement, the aging workforce, successful aging, career women's retirement and that new encore period of life. 

Provide consultations and expert witness testimony for large class-action age-discrimination law suits.

university students as future leaders in cutting edge issues of aging, employment and the new retirement.   

Topics for Keynotes and other Addresses:

  • 8 Building Blocks for a Good Old Age
  • Entering the Encore Stage of Life
  • The Retirement Revolution 
  • We Haven't Peaked Yet
  • Retirement...Beyond Money
  • Successful Aging: What Does it Mean?
  • Age and Opportunities: Work, Civic Engagement and Fun
  • Project Renewment:  The First Retirement Model for Career Women
  • The Aging Workforce: Implications
  • And more....   




Contact Helen at info@helenmdennis.com.