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Successful Aging: These 3 game changers affect and influence the aging experience

Dear readers: On May 11, the Daily Breeze held its eleventh Successful Aging Expo at the Torrance Marriott Hotel. The theme was “Through the Generations,” acknowledging that successful aging is a lifetime pursuit. The exhibit hall was packed and bustling with 40 exhibitors and 1500 attendees. This was the eleventh time I spoke at the expo. My topics for this year was “Game Changers in Aging: What it Means to Me.” We had a full-house of engaged individuals ranging from about 55 to 95 years. This week I would like to share some brief highlights of my talk. Game changers that influence the aging experience come from many disciplines, practices and policies that include the neurosciences, pharma

Successful Aging: 6 ways to diminish facial lines and wrinkles

Dear Readers, Last week we identified age, genetics, smoking, exposure to ultraviolet rays and more as responsible for facial wrinkles and fine lines. This week we’ll address what might be done to diminish them. Lifestyle counts. Here are just a few to consider: Limit sun exposure: The Mayo Clinic and others urge each of us to limit the time we spend in the sun and to wear protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats, long sleeves and sunglasses. Some suggest to avoid the sun altogether since it is considered the number one cause of those fine lines. Use sunscreen: The Academy of Dermatology recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more. It should be applied every two

Successful Aging: Some wrinkles and fine lines we can control, and some we can’t

Q. I recently walked into a store to get some eye makeup remover. Before I could make my request, a male associate asked If wanted a cream to get rid the fine lines and dark circles under my eyes. I was so surprised by the way he asked the question, not waiting for me to make my request. Was he just being honest to help me or was I too sensitive? Don’t we all have fine lines? And by the way, any suggestions to diminish them? I am 53 years old. D.L. Dear D.L. What an unusual way to make a sale. Our face does get a lot of attention. It is the first thing a person sees that leads to a conclusion about a person’s age. The fine lines, wrinkles and coloration are considered indicators of chronolog

Successful Aging: The month of May offers a much-needed chance to value the contributions of Older A

Dear readers. Older adults are taking center stage. No, this is not a performance of an older-adult dance troupe, symphony or chorus. It’s about a month set aside to celebrate older Americans past and current for their contribution to society. May is Older Americans Month. This formal recognition of older Americans began with President Kennedy in 1963 when he designated May as “Senior Citizens Month” during a meeting with the National Council of Senior Citizens. That was when only 17 million Americans reached their 65th birthday in comparison to over 40 million today. About one-third of those 17 million lived in poverty with few programs to meet their needs. This year’s theme is “Connect, Cr

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